UV lamps

Algae and bacteria can be neutralised in a simple and efficient way using UV technology. Choosing the appropriate UV lamp type and model is situation-dependent.

A very wide range of UV lamps is available. Air-Aqua primarily focuses on the most efficient UV technology: amalgam. Because this type of lamp has become very affordable over a short period of time, the achieved energy efficiency and expected lifespan has become such as to render the TL, as well as the standard T5 technology increasingly obsolete.

Benefits of the amalgam compared to standard T5 or TL lamps:
• extremely high efficiency (2 to 3 times more powerful at the same level of power consumption)
• lamp’s service life is 13,000 - 16,000 hours (approx 2x as long)
• clearer water
• UV radiation capacity during service life declines at a reduced rate
• better able to withstand switching the lamp on and off

UV in ponds:
The UV’s effect on organic/inorganic material is related to the strength and duration of the UV radiation. When a lamp whose intensity is 2x as high is used, the same effect is achieved at half the radiation time. A lamp is normally rated in terms of its radiation dose, which must not decline too much during the lamp’s service life (maximum decrease of 20-30%).

Algae are killed off by a relatively small radiation dose. Dead algae clump together and can then easily be removed via a filter. A considerably higher radiation dose is required to kill off (inactivate) bacteria. The radiation dose furthermore varies by type of bacteria. In ponds, the contact time/radiation dose frequently is so small that it only kills off bacteria to a limited degree. It is therefore important to be able to properly match the desired UV capacity to your wishes and conditions.

The housing for the 40 and 80 watt amalgam comes with a 2” (63 mm) connection. The housing for the 130 watt amalgam is entirely made of stainless steel and comes with a 3” (90 mm) threaded connection. Even at high water volumes the resistance of the housing is minimal.